Bakesale for Japan in Berkeley: the details

After an afternoon of grocery shopping and a nearly restless night of baking, frosting and packaging, I finished making three things for Bakesale for Japan in Berkeley:

Because everything needed to be contained in something I wouldn’t want returned, I had to think about packaging my donations. I’d never really done this, but it made the project more fun.

After purchasing all of my ingredients from Berkeley Bowl, I went box hunting in Berkeley. The closest bakery was Crixa Cakes, but they wouldn’t sell me boxes. :(

The employees told me to stop by Spun Sugar near University and California if I wanted to buy boxes, but because Virginia Bakery was closer, I went there instead. It worked out well; Virginia Bakery sold me both small boxes ($0.50 apiece) and 12″ cake boxes ($1.50 each). Woo hoo!

We were instructed to list the ingredients for each donated item, so this is how I packaged the Red Velvet Brownie Bites:

The cakes I put on handmade decorative cake boards. To make them, I cut cardboard circles out of an old (but not greasy) Cheese Board pizza box which I then covered in handmade paper and plastic wrap:

Overall, I had a lot of fun baking for the sale. Hanging out at the event the next day was great, too. I met Barry Schenker, a vegan chef who was offering cups of his nut-based, vegan Genuto gelato in various flavors.

I also folded a bunch of paper cranes, taught a bunch of kids how to fold paper cranes, and sampled tasty things other bakers had brought (like these matcha shortbread cookies… oh man, so good).

Word on the street says the Berkeley location raised over $3,000 for Peace Winds Japan, which is awesome. If you weren’t able to make it to any of the bake sales around the nation, you can still make a donation. $50 for a totebag or letterpress print, $250 for a totebag, letterpress print, & Aya Brackett photo.

For great notes and photos from someone lucky enough to visit four Bakesale for Japan locations (Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose) AND run into Samin Nosrat, the organizer of Bake Sale for Japan, visit this blog from E, a fellow Bay Area foodie.

Update: the total amount raised from all Bakesale for Japan locations and online donations (as of April 5, 2011) is $124, 120.38. Great job, everyone!

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  1. Emily says:

    Thanks for contributing to the sale! Those brownie bites were a big hit. Great job on the baking and packaging and also for writing about the event!

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