Califia Farms

Califia Farms almond milk and iced coffee

These are, left to right, the best iced coffee I’ve ever tasted and my new favorite brand of almond milk, both made by Califia Farms.

Taste aside, just look at that typography.

Typography on a bottle of Califia Farms almond milk

In San Francisco, I’ve seen Rainbow Grocery and Bi-Rite Market carry all of the milks (40/50/60 calories) and the double espresso coffee flavor, but Haight Street Market has ERRYTHING (proof below), even the coconut almond milk I started using for my oatmeal.

Califia Farms selection at Haight Street Market

About the Company

Where did Califia Farms come from? It just popped up one day at Fourbarrel in the Mission in lieu of soymilk, and at grocery stores I consider obscure (Rainbow Grocery and Haight Street Market both only have one location in San Francisco, for example).

The company is so new, it was hard to find out anything else online other than its LinkedIn profile:

Califia Farms was founded in 2010 by the growers of Cuties tangerines to share more of their California bounty year-round. Headed by beverage visionary and Odwalla founder Greg Steltenpohl, the company produces all of its products locally in California, celebrating the state’s natural abundance. Califia Farms’ new plant is eco-friendly, energy efficient, clean-water responsible and repurposes more than 90% of its post-production byproduct.

Given that Califia Farms’ CEO is founder of Odwalla (which sold to┬áCoca-Cola Co. in 2001), I suppose his new venture makes sense. When you get into the food beverage industry and already have knowledge and access to production and distribution channels, it’s easy to use them for other products. And (wo)man, it’s one heck of a product.

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