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Leprechaun Trap Cake (via Not Martha)

Many thanks go to Not Martha for today’s post, because nothing says Happy St. Patrick’s Day quite like this Leprechaun Trap Cake she made. It’s honestly one of the most creative (and edible!) cakes I’ve ever seen. And so pretty! … I’m hungry! {read more}

Dump Cake

The idea of dump cake was–and is–slightly horrifying to me. You dump 5 ingredients into a pan, don’t even stir (don’t even stir!), and pop it into the oven. Miraculously, the result isn’t explosive or vomit-inducing, and the cake doesn’t … I’m hungry! {read more}

only the most ridiculous coconut cupcake recipe ever

Looks so good, you can almost eat it! Okay, maybe that was mean. But if you’re looking for a great coconut cupcake recipe, Ina Garten’s got it. The recipe made 21 cupcakes for me, plus a 2″ x 6″ loaf … I’m hungry! {read more}