Crispy Mushroom “Bacon”

Crispy mushroom bacon (also vegan!)

Who knew that crispy vegan bacon made from mushrooms could taste so good?

This recipe from Serious Eats looked so intriguing, I did a rough, half-assed trial batch leaving out the garlic powder because I didn’t have any, and skipping the last step of smoking the mushrooms because I didn’t have liquid smoke or a chunk of wood to burn, just so I could have some kind of baseline.

And sure enough, even though a significant portion of the recipe was basically done incorrectly, the result was still delicious.

Next time I would probably try to make 2 sheets full of mushrooms because — as a lot of commenters pointed out — it’s a lot of work for just a few nibbles.

I was incredibly lucky to have this monster king trumpet mushroom from my farmers’ market to work with, but if you can’t find anything this big, it just means you’ll have a few more flips to do.


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