Frog Hollow Farm Market

Frog Hollow Farm Market in SF (Ferry Building)

This is Frog Hollow Farm Market’s cherry tart, still warm from the oven.

From here, you’ll be like, omagad, and inhale cherry goo and choke on pastry flakes, during which the same substances will cover your hands and face, and you’ll feel like a kid again. Although you’re probably an adult, so you paid for it with your own money. Alas, all great things in life are not free.

Frog Hollow Farm Market has made a name for itself selling delicious top-notch pastries, smoothies, jams, and fresh seasonal fruit in the Ferry Building on Embarcadero.

When I say fresh seasonal fruit, I mean twelve different kinds of peaches. That, my friends, is how peaches should be.

Whether you brave the Farmer’s Market crowd on Saturday or sneak in during less busy hours, it’s totally worth stopping by.

Frog Hollow Farm Market
San Francisco, CA (Embarcadero)

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