Häagen-Dazs blueberry crumble

Considering stockpiling pints, possibly bathing in a tub of it. For the blueberry crumble-crazed, you can even select up to three store locations and get notified by email every time there is a new delivery. OMFG.

What am I bathing in?

a comforting, classic dessert meets creamy, indulgent ice cream. simmered ripe blueberries folded into dense blueberry ice cream with rich, buttery cobbler crust crumbles.

How can I fill my bathtub?

Searching by ZIP, looks like it’s available at Safeway, Andronico’s, Berkeley Bowl (but not Berkeley Bowl West), and Lucky grocery stores in San Francisco and the East Bay.

It’s a limited edition flavor, available only through the end of this year (sad), so you should run out and by some ASAP.

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