Short cut cream sauce

Regular cream sauce for pasta is not difficult to make, but this is even easier :)

For this short cut version you only need mascarpone cheese, and it won’t take forever to reduce or thicken – it just has to melt. In less than 2 minutes, you’ll have a cream sauce with the perfect consistency.

Mascarpone cheese is usually in the cheese section, near other soft and spreadable cheeses (cream cheese, for example).

one of many uses for mascarpone cheese: short cut cream sauce for pasta

After you cook and drain your pasta, return the still-hot pasta to the pan. Put the burner on low heat and add one heaping tablespoon of mascarpone for every one serving of pasta. You can eyeball it and add more or less according to your preferences, but adding too little will make your pasta stick to the pan.

short cut mascarpone cream sauce for pasta step 1

Stir everything around until it just barely melts and coats all the noodles.

short cut mascarpone cream sauce for pasta step 2

And you’re done! If you find it too plain, you can add a little salt. I usually don’t because I mix my noodles with other proteins and vegetables already seasoned with salt.

pasta with mascarpone cream sauce

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