epic bacon mushroom mac and cheese

These are the ingredients you need to make 5 heaping servings of epic bacon mushroom mac and cheese (ebmmc). I actually forgot the paprika when I was making mine, so you can leave that out if you want. No one’s going to say “ugh! this tastes like crap!” to your ebmmc minus p. You can also add cayenne pepper and turn it into epic spicy bacon mushroom mac and cheese (esbmmc). Use smoked gouda as one of the cheeses for epic spicy smoky bacon mushroom mac and cheese (essbmmc).

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Happy Pi Day at Mission Pie

Mission Pie
San Francisco, CA

Today we took a break at work to celebrate Pi Day at Mission Pie with $3.14 slices and Pi Pie (lemon). Although Pi-crusted Pi is pretty cool, Mission Pie’s banana cream pie will always have my heart.

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Crixa Cakes
Berkeley, CA

Holy moly I love this place. That is all.

corn sticks with wasabi mayo

San Francisco, CA (SOMA)

[3-13-2012] Edit: I went here today and they no longer serve these! Can we say… SO sad?

Blueberry Crumb Muffins

As much as I love breakfast, I think I love brunch more. For me, this word conjures up a sunshine-soaked picnic table decorated with a vase of fresh flowers (daisies, perhaps) on a warm, breezy day. I think of sleeping in late, with a carefree day to follow. I think of pleasant conversations. And I think of fantastic food.

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