Forrked in Sweden

Forrked in SwedenFor most of April and May, Forrked will be posting from Sweden. **cough** There are no visa issues going on here… **cough**

In between having lots of fika, riding trams, and riding a tram while having fika (you can totally do that in Stockholm), I’ll be posting about delicious things you might want to eat if you ever travel here.

Skål! (cheers!)

School lunch sugar cookies

Sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles

I got the recipe from my mother, who works as a lunch lady and has been making and serving these cookies to thousands of students for over 20 years.

By combining butter and oil for the fat, as well as using both powdered and granulated sugars, the result is a soft, pillowy sugar cookie that melts in your mouth. Mmmm.

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sushi at Domo

beef, avocado and asparagus roll at Domo in SF (Hayes Valley)

This is my favorite non-sushi roll at one of my favorite sushi places in SF, Domo.

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mochi at Tenmatsu

kiwi mochi at Tenmatsu in SF (Financial Distrcit)

Happiness in the form of giant handmade mochi filled with fresh fruit.

San Francisco, CA (Financial District)

Short cut cream sauce

Regular cream sauce for pasta is not difficult to make, but this is even easier :)

For this short cut version you only need mascarpone cheese, and it won’t take forever to reduce or thicken – it just has to melt. In less than 2 minutes, you’ll have a cream sauce with the perfect consistency.

Mascarpone cheese is usually in the cheese section, near other soft and spreadable cheeses (cream cheese, for example).

one of many uses for mascarpone cheese: short cut cream sauce for pasta

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