Short cut cream sauce

Regular cream sauce for pasta is not difficult to make, but this is even easier :)

For this short cut version you only need mascarpone cheese, and it won’t take forever to reduce or thicken – it just has to melt. In less than 2 minutes, you’ll have a cream sauce with the perfect consistency.

Mascarpone cheese is usually in the cheese section, near other soft and spreadable cheeses (cream cheese, for example).

one of many uses for mascarpone cheese: short cut cream sauce for pasta

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Frog Hollow Farm Market

Frog Hollow Farm Market in SF (Ferry Building)

This is Frog Hollow Farm Market’s cherry tart, still warm from the oven.

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soy matcha shake

Soy Matcha Shake at Samovar Tea Lounge in SF

Best drink discovery so far this year.

Silken notes of fresh-grass and farm-churned butter. Lingering sweetness that balances the grass notes. Shaken over ice for a jolt of caffeine and a wave of creamy deliciousness.       

— menu description

Delicately sweet, crazy smooth (I wonder: are they using microfilters? Double-layered cloth ones?), cold and refreshing, this drink is easily my new favorite.

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cesar cakes at Goody Goodie

Cesar cakes from Goody Goodie are bomb.

They look like muffins, and muffins suck at most bakeries, but these are actually sweet little buttery cakes filled with poppy seeds and fruit compote.

It’s best enjoyed fresh from the oven (go in the AM), but you can also get them delivered using Munchery. Here’s a nice referral link that will give you $15 off your total order.

Goody Goodie Cream & Sugar
San Francisco, CA (Mission)

potato tots at Phil’s Sliders

Think about this: 12 delicious edges and 8 crispy, crunchy corners PER TATER. HOMG

Phil’s Sliders
Berkeley, CA